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    Senior Member Byjugo's Avatar
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    magic against bretonnia


    a friend of mine is starting a new Bretonnian army and i was wondering witch lores would be best against a heavily armoured fast army. For the first couple of battles we will probably play 1000 pts or less.

    i was thinking of using either the lore of shadows or the lore of heavens.

    Lore of Shadows could do really well with the creeping death to kill all of the foot soldiers and maybe some of the knights. Easy to cast and maybe even a good choice for a lv1 mage.

    Lore of heavens would give me the 2 lightning spells that would give me a unlimited range, but i'm afraid i cant really get those spells of with a lv2.

    lore of beasts would also be a logical choice, but i don't know how to use that one either.

    so i would like to get some advise, to get some great spells of with 1 or 2 mages

    thanks in advance

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    Junior Member stratovarion's Avatar
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    Ideally you want Lore of Metal, and get Spirit of the Forge but in lower levels this may be difficult.

    I wouldn't mind having Curse of Arrow Attraction especially if theres 2 RBTs hanging around.
    The Beast Cowers (stops mounted unit moving) would really ruin his day as well.

    If you are NOT using the seerstaff, I would go for Beasts or High, as everything is useful in some way.
    If you are, then you can be a bit more picky and maybe go for Uranon's Thunderbolt. Ignoring armour saves will be great fun for you.

    Good luck.
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    Benevolent Dictator CaptainSarathai's Avatar
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    1480 (x8)

    Lore of Metal vs. anything with good armor
    Lore of Life (with Staff) vs. anything mounted
    High Lore vs. everyone else

    I'd run straight-forward magic for this game as well, since the Brettonians don't have much in the way of magic themselves.
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    Senior Member Allonairre's Avatar
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    Lore of Life (with Staff) vs. anything mounted
    I think that you mean beasts here.

    I would also add that with the seerstaff Heavens is definitely a good bet, a Level 2 using 3 dice can easily cast Uranons Thunderbolt for d6 S4 hits that don't allow armour saves. This can then be backed up with a 2nd L1 or 2 mage with the Lore of metal base spell for 1 S7 hit that doesn't allow armour saves picking on characters or Fireball etc.

    This would be for an offensive magic build, it leaves little room for your mages to support your troops through Shield of Saphery etc.

    At low points I would also say that the Lore of Shadow, Creeping death is good for draining dispel dice but there isn't much else in the lore that you would want and it isn't the base spell so really needs the seerstaff.

    My ideal spells for this points vs bretonians would be
    Mage Seerstaff, Power stone; Lore of Heavens Thunderbolt and Forked Lightning
    Mage, Jewel of Dusk Powerstone; Roll on the Lore of metal Hoping for Rule of Burning Iron and spirit of the forge (or any of the other spells except 2)
    I would operate a simple magic phase casting Uranons Thunder bolt (3 dice), Forked Lightning (1 dice) and Rule of Burning Iron (3 dice) every turn.
    Then in 1 turn (probably 2 or 3) I would cast Uranon's Thunder bolt (3 dice) Lightning Bolt (2 dice Powerstone), Rule of Burning Iron (1-2 dice), other metal spell(4-5 dice, Power stone)
    Cheers Allonairre

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    LO Zealot
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    I would say none. At 1k, I'd get 2 bolt throwers or 1 RBT and an eagle and shoot them. 1 unit of archers and then either some whitelions or swordmasters. You have ASF, better WS and better Strength. Your magic will spend lots of points unecessarily.

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