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    need help for a balanced 1000pt HE army

    ive currently got a wood elf army, and am in the process of getting a DE army. I'd really like to have a HE one too, but would like to hear about other successful 1000pt lists for help. Preferably, my list would use the battallion set, with a few extras

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    I am a fan of Swordmasters at low points, they can stay as small units and still be extremely effective which is ideal, same thing applies to chariots etc.

    It really depends which direction you want to go, shooting, magic or Combat.

    Assuming you want to go for a balanced list based around the battalion box set, I would use the spears as your main combat block but increase it to 20 odd, with the warbanner or something like it, and a noble with a great weapon, they will do reasonably well in most combats.

    To support them I would take a couple of small units of Swordmasters, these should protect the flanks of the spears, as they will need their ranks to win.

    Convert the Silverhelms to Dragon Princes, just 5 of them, and use the Archers as Shadow Warriors, these are for warmachines, hunting and taking down other bits and pieces.

    Then use Bolt Thrower or 2 if you are being mean. If there is a chariot in the battalion then put that in as well.

    I have no idea where the points are but maybe add in a mage for some magic if there is enough.

    Good luck, I think that you get all that stuff except the Swordmasters in the Batillion, for larger games I prefer White Lions or Phoenix Gaurd but they need numbers to win combats and that is very expensive.
    Cheers Allonairre

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