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    High Elves army-2250 Tournament army

    Hi. Im trying to get an armylist set in stone and then get all the models painted. Ive tried to include abit of everything, and include some of my favourite models. Any help would be most appreciated!

    Noble-Star Lance, Heavy armour, Barded Elven steed, Enchanted Shield
    Noble,Standard B, Heavy armour, Banner of Arcane Protection
    Mage-Level 2, Seer Staff of saphery, Amulet Of Light

    Spearmen-19, Command (Mage)
    Spearmen-18, Command

    Swordmasters-12, Command
    White Lions of Chrace-15, Command (Banner of arcane Protection/Korhil)
    Dragon Princes-5, Mus, Std B (Noble Starlance)
    Dragon Princes-5, Mus, Std B

    2 Bolt throwers
    2 Eagles

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    What will you do against an army that fields any magic whatsoever? You have three dispel dice, no scrolls, and your one mage will not likely get any magic through.

    No lord level character. May try to turn that lvl2 mage into a lvl 3 archmage with the vortex shard and a dispel scroll. That would give you 4 dice, a scroll, ends one enemy phase, and allows you to throw 4 dice as drain magic if need be.

    Maybe combine your nobles into one Mounted BSB with the battle banner instead and through him in a unit of dragon princes whose drakemaster has the amulet of light or amulet of fire for MR.

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    You have no magic defense at all. In a tournament setting, you can be sure that there will be a lot of magic. I'd recommend at the very least 2 mages (maybe 1 archmage or Teclis) and never leave home without the Annulian Crystal. It helps you A) weaken the opponent's magic offense and strengthens your magical defense.

    Elven core choices are meh. Their specials - White Lions, Swordmasters, Phoenix Guards and Dragon Princes - are very good. Go minimal on troops - either 2x10 plain spearmen or 2x10 plain archers with no upgrades - and get more specials.

    Finally, you're weak against fear-causing armies. I'd recommend a Lion Standard somewhere in there. Also, consider Caradryan over Korhil. He's much better with his 4+ Ward, Cause Fear and MR(3).
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