Hi, I gave up FB and High Elves when the 5th Edition of 40K came out, but I found some of my old pieces that I want to sell. Here is what I have (I think):

Prince/Noble on Barded Steed (built, not painted)
Noble with Battle Standard (built, not painted)
(Arch)mage on Steed (built, not painted)
Mage on foot (built, painted)
Caradryan (not built, not painted)

16 Spearmen (built, painted)
16 Archers (not built, not painted)
16 Seaguard (partially built, partially painted)

3 Phoenix Guard (not built, capes painted)
5 White Lions (not built, not painted)
8 Silver Helms (horses built & painted, riders mostly built)
Ellyrian Reaver (horse built, rider not built)

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers (machine built & painted, crew built and partially painted, other equipment partially painted)

All units have a command (except lone Reaver), I will welcome any offer, would prefer UK postage.
In two weeks anything without an offer will be put on eBay.

I also have some spares to a chariot and a dragon, if you are interested. Any plastic unbuilt will be on sprue or in a bag, metal models unbuilt will just be in box.

Any questions, please ask. If you want photos, I will gladly upload some.

Payment in cash preferably.