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    Facing the Empire

    I've heard through my grapevine that a friend who plays Empire took exception to Teclis (who I plan on retiring now anyway in any friendly game), and is currently building an army that's meant to be the ultimate cheese hammer against me, but I have no more details than that. He's mentioned the Emperor a few times now, so I have two theories of what he's building.

    1) Emperor on a dragon
    2) Gunline that he had originally built and then balanced a bit into the reasonable army that I actually faced

    Since this is going to be a cheese retaliation, I'm planning on returning the favor in good sport. I've never faced the emperor on a dragon before, and I'm not entirely sure how I'd cope with a full gunline. My current plan is to play the prince on a star dragon list against the emperor if he brings him out, and Teclis can return with Lore of Heavens and the Comet on his war machine line if he takes the latter. Any general thoughts on this plan or how to best take out the Emperor?

    Hopefully after this epic cheese battle we'll both come to our senses, but this should be interesting.


    Oh wow, I just realized Vaul's Unmaking would DESTROY the emperor and his silly little D3 autowounding hammer... Ring of Corin and High Magic on Teclis might be fun.

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    I am not certain about this but I think that the Emperor actually has Magic Protection.

    I haven't ever fought the emperor so don't know what his weaknesses are really.

    My approach would be beast cowers it as often as possible, so L2 with Seer Staff, then single bolts from bolt throwers to kill the dragon out from underneath him, so 2 or 3 of those. Try and trap him into fighting against Phoenix Gaurd or White Lions and decline Challenges (he does D6 wounds per hit) so even Tyrion or a Prince on a Star Dragon will struggle.
    Cheers Allonairre

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    I think the Emperor does indeed have MR (2), and if he realizes what you are up to if you have that VAULS UNBINDING, that he will throw every dispel dice he has to ensure your spell fails. Remember you got to cast it first but Teclis should have no problem with that.

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    Emperor Karl Franz has:
    4+ armor
    4+ ward
    All hits wound automatically, no armor saves allowed, D3 wounds
    The dragon is a Moon Dragon, stat-for-stat.

    A gunline is NOT something that you want to put a dragon up against. He'll shoot the dragon with a cannon and you're suddenly out a dragon. You could take the risk and go with Skiensliver, then deploy as close as possible,and try to take the first turn, fly 20" and still have 4" to cover before you're safely in combat.
    I would certainly run Teclis, and max out on Lvl2s with as much nastiness as you can pack into them. Look for spells like:

    Commandment of Brass- no shooting or moving with selected warmachine, for a turn
    Pit of Shades- eats cannons. Lore of Shadow also provides some nice movement spells to get you to combat faster
    Celestial Shield- 4+ wardsave against missiles
    Comet of Casandora- makes him move. A lot.
    Howler Wind- no shooting of S4 or less can target units within 12" of the Wizard
    Rain Lord- causes a -1 to hit, -2 if the weapon is Armor Piercing, and weapons which don't use BS (cannons, mortars) can only fire on a 4+. This is not a remains-in-play spell, but it continues for the entire game)
    Master of Stone- blows up hills. And where do missile-units go first?

    Other considerations could be:

    deploy terrain- this was actually being discussed in another thread, but is common practice. Whenever he places a hill, place a wood on top of it. Place a wood 12" in front of his deployment zone, place buildings and woods as cover for your advance. This is especially true of woods and White Lions.

    Scouts- if you can find a place to deploy them, you can run scouts in front of him. Not to shoot at him, but rather to charge right into combat. Our shadow warriors can usually break right through his missile regiments. If not, he's wasting time shooting at them while the rest of your army advances.

    PGs- hey, with a 4+ wardsave, I've heard of people lining a regiment or two up across the front of the army and using them to soak up bullets. Not sure how it would work, and it would be a pain to lose 300pts worth of PGs by the time you reach his lines.

    Units- keep it cheap. Our spears have ASF and with S3, we wound him on 4s. You'll crunch right through his regiments with them! Even regiments like his Greatswordsmen only have a 5+ save. Use these cheap regiments as screens for your more expensive units.

    Refused flank- risky if he deploys cannons on the extreme flank, but build your army so that the bulk of your power is deployed along one side of table. This will leave the majority of his army out of range, or force him to move, as you close with him. Once you hit, turn and roll up his flank, which is even worse for him because he's forced to find a way to shoot "through" his own regiments. It's the only way that I was able to get across the field with my cavalry army.

    Pray. Empire Gunlines are evil. I spit death upon any player who fields them in anything less than a tournament, as they are the bane of my cavalry armies.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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