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    Senior Member Byjugo's Avatar
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    how to handle a static shooting list

    Hi there,

    recentley a friend of mine picked up a dwarf army. He usually fields a static shooting line, and he usually destroys me before i'm on the other side of the field, or the units that do get there are too wired down that they can't bring down his block of warriors.

    I usually play full infantry supported with a RBT (with he usually targets with his cannon and destroys in the first turn).
    My movement is way superior, but he just doesn't move at all..
    If i stay at range, he wins anyway
    If i get close, he wins as well...

    So how do you handle these guys?

    'Its better to have a swordmaster and not need her help, then to need her help and not have her'
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    Senior Member niraco's Avatar
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    I just had a game..i lost due to bad rolls in last turn (lost in turn 6 like 1000 points of army damn). What i can say:

    Use the terrain and many fast units and ranged units. I had 1GE, 2 ellyrian reavers, 3 RBT and 40 archers in the game and the star dragon prince. At the end of turn 3 i had killed all his shooting except 1 organ gun (who smashed my unit of 15 swordmasters except the champion ...this guy, enraged, killed the crew of the organ gun in 3 rounds of combat). Of course my list meant i did not had many blocks of infantery and when i lost the swordmasters in 2 rounds of 10 shots from the organ gun only my 25 white lions remained with the batle banner bsb. some bad rolls meant i lost my dragon running away from a combat and the unit of lions even stubborn runned down by fast dwarfs.

    Also can work a magic shooting heavy list: archmage, mage mage mage 3 rbt and 40 archers. You`ll have 10+ power dice versus 7-9 dispel dices and shooting. Position well, use the terrain and smash his warmachines. Then raid his gunners. after that just pick units of dwarfs and pound them with impunity while running around.

    is not easy with a good enemy but elves can match dwarves either unig a lot of cheap reavers and great eagles, the dragon which attract firepower and inpire terror and stuff like that, and our magic is strong enough.

    The ideea is dance around his slow blocks and run to the machines or kill them from afar with combined magic/shooting
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    Last time I played dwarves was at 1k, I just volley'd my 2 bolt throwers at his warmachine crews starting with his organ gun, then his bolt throwers while advancing my infantry - when my pheonix gaurd/swordmasters got to CC, pheonix gaurd kinda got in a stalemate with his longbeards(won round 1, lost round 2 neither of us broke) but my swordmasters fighting some warriors won round 1, won round 2 and overran through the warriors into the longbeards and then round 3 I won combat and since my PG outnumbered his surviving longbeards they auto fell back and he quit the game.

    Heres the battlereport(I tried to post it here but it won't show up)
    1k High Elves vs. Dwarves

    The other game I've had vs. dwarves I ran a cavalry army and was on him 2nd turn - wiped his shooting stuff while avoiding his scary CC stuff(ironbreakers with thane) after you kill the shooty stuff you can be a dick and run away if you know your winning or try and gang up on his last squads.

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    Senior Member Allonairre's Avatar
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    I think that they have pretty much explained everything but just to reiterate...

    At least 2 units to disrupt warmachines
    Great Eagles
    Ellyrian Reavers
    Shadow Warriors

    At least 1 unit of Dragon Princes or Silverhelms to take out shooting units, scouts and reavers can do this from a flank but I wouldn't try from the front, they won't win and may break without even preventing them from shooting.

    Foot troops from best to worst are
    White Lions/ Phoenix Gaurd

    Archers can make a meal of Thunderers as they can't move and shoot and so can sit back and out range them.

    Chariots are generally a bad idea but can be useful to tie up S7 shooting for a turn or 2.

    Try and make his gunlines move, by moving 18" you can often get out of line of sight, if he has to turn he can't shoot.

    Dwarf Warmachines to fear most (most scary to least scary) (my opinion only)
    Grudge Thrower
    Flame Cannon/ Organ Gun
    Bolt Thrower

    The Organ Gun really takes 2 disruptor units to take it out, 1 to die to shooting the other that gets the charge off, it's easier to avoid than flame cannon or Grudge Thrower though.

    These are always difficult games, especially if you have an infantry or balanced list that is light on cavalry. 1 game took me 5 turns to deal with the dwarves backline, before I could move forward with my infantry (small Swordmaster units) I got a draw but it was very dull, to move forward would have resulted in a massacre however so I didn't have much choice.
    Cheers Allonairre

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