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    Is this a friendly 1000pts?

    I just bought a High elf army on ebay and I had to make my list around what I was provided with, so I made a 1000 pt list of it and I am wondering if it is semi-friendly:
    (165pts) Lvl2 Mage w/ silver wand& Jewl of the Dusk

    (226) 18 Lothern sea guard w/ Warbanner
    (145) 15 spearmen w/Banner

    (255pts) 5 Dragon princes of Caledor w/ banner of Sorcery
    (90 pts) 6 Sword Masters of Hoeth
    ( 90 )pts 6 Sword Masters of Hoeth

    991 pts.
    Basically its a magic heavy army with offensive combat

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    Yeah I think it's very friendly.

    You know that 2 arcane items is illegal, drop them both and take seer staff, 2 spells you really want is better than 3 random spells.
    Cheers Allonairre

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    Very friendly.
    I would readjust a few things-

    -Move the Warbanner from your LSG and put it on your Spears. The smaller regiment is going to need it more.
    -Go with the Silver Wand, and either the Ring of Fury or maybe even the Reaver Bow (sounds stupid, but the S5 shooting could be a godsend, and he's the only character to put it on)
    With only a single mage, 3 spells is going to give you a chance to use all of your dice, and will help you to steamroll enemy DD piles.

    Your next buys should definitely be an RBT, some Archers, and then whatever elite infantry you want to use as your main anvil. And more spearelves- atleast another box to help beef up those regiments.
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    I agree with both posts, some good options and ideas there. I'm going to throw my 2 cents in and say you should buy a prince box and fill out your swordmasters while your at it, give your army a bit of hiting power behind it (and something for your opponent to think about). With your mage I may suggest using a more offensive lore of magic like death or fire to start off with (lore of light against daemons and undead). With out the bolt thrower support I think you going to need to thin out your opponents lines faster then just 18 LSG and running high magic. If your running the banner of sorcery I'd give the mage the silver wand for sure, then maybe the guardian phoenix for a 5+ ward just incase. The ring of fury and the reaver bow (as previously mentioned) are also good options if you have the points.

    But yeah a couple of RBT's, fiil out your Swordmasters and a Prince and you have the foundations of building a decent list

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