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    possible HE list in 8th Ed.1000p


    i thought about starting HE in 8th Ed. so please help me with this beginners list

    *************** 1 Hero ***************


    + dont know how to equip him but he is gona go into the Phoenix Guard
    + dont know what banner help would be nice

    this guy goes with the Phoenix Guard

    - - - > some 150 p i guess

    *************** 3 core ***************

    28 Seaguard

    - - - > 336 P

    forms the big block

    10 Archers
    - - - > 110 P
    10 Archers
    - - - > 110

    both archer units gona be 5 in 2 ranks thanks to salvo rule they have still 10 shots each

    *************** 2 special ***************

    5 Silver Helms
    - Schilde
    - - - > 115 P

    they gona look for some flanks

    9 Phoenix Guard
    - - - > 135 P

    supports the big block

    HE : 1000ish points

    Edit: i realized i have 270p in my special choise so its 1 less silver helm that means 5

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    I can't comment on you heroe choice (you don't have one), but from what I've heard, there are less armour saves modifier in the 8th edition, so I'd go with 2+ save armour and GW (at Ini 7, you strike first and re-roll). Make him a Bsb if you want, but I wouldn't give him any banner. Oh, and give him the item to get magical attacks. From 131 to 156 pts

    Seaguards ? Ok, they do benefit from the salvo rule in your formation, but that's 37 spearmen's worth in points. In what formation do you want them? Horde ? In such small games, I don't expect to see a lot of them myself. I'd go for a whatever by whatever formation, but with spearmen instead, and give them full command and a cheap banner.

    Archers are good (even if too pricey).

    Silvers helms can't remove flanks. Remove.

    Phoenix are wayyy tooo smallll. Remove, or put some more with the points you've saved.

    I'd personally try something like this :
    Cheap Noble
    Cheap Wizard (hell, he can benefit from 2 to 12 PD, and cast with 6 dices if you want !)
    The biggest (or divided in 2) spearmen units I can get. These are ours cheapest and finest IMO. up to 5 ranks attacks, re-roll to hit.
    RBT (for the points, these are still better than Archers. 4 less shots, more range, more strength)

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