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Thread: High Elf Mages

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    High Elf Mages

    So, I'm pretty new WHFB, and have been consistantly drawn to high elves. I have been skimming through the army book and have decided that a magic heavy army seems like a good idea. So here are my questions:
    What are some good magical items?
    What are some good units to include in a magic heavy army?
    Teclis or tooled up mage?

    Any and all help is apreciated.

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    Most arcane items that high elves have are good. You should take those who fit your plans most. About other magic items, you should take the banner of sorcery for the extra power dice.
    The most common way for protecting your important wizards (teclis/arcmage) is to put them either in a unit of white lions or in a unit of pheonix guards.
    Teclis is much more powerfull than any tooled up archmage, but teclis also cost many more points. Usualy taking teclis is the better choice in my oppinion.

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    Please note that I am not responsible for the success of your army after the release of the 8th edition rules (which will severely limit the number of characters available in our armies, and also mess with Magic in unforeseeable ways)

    Currently, I tend to run a lot of magic in my own armies. Here's what I can offer:

    *note- Teclis can ALWAYS replace the Archmage
    **note- Any of these lists would benefit by the inclusion of the Banner of Sorcery

    Offensive Build 1: Hard Hitter
    L4 Archmage w/ Book of Hoeth
    L2 Mage w/ Starwood Staff
    L2 Mage w/ Jewel of the Dusk
    L2 Mage w/ Seer Staff

    Offensive Build 2: Dice Overload
    L4 Mage w/ Seer Staff
    L2 Mage w/ Jewel of the Dusk
    L2 Dragon Mage w/ Silver Wand, Ring of Fury

    Defensive Build 1: Iron Curtain
    L3 Archmage w/ Annulian Crystal
    L1 Mage w/ Staff of Sorcery
    L1 Mage w/ Sigil of Asuryan
    L1 Mage w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls

    Hybrid Build: Moderation
    L4 Mage w/ Book of Hoeth
    L2 Mage w/ Jewel of Dusk
    L2 Mage w/ Staff of Sorcery
    L2 Mage w/ Starwood Staff (or) Annulian Crystal

    Essentially, all of our items are meant for point-and-click application. There are no all powerful combos or utterly lethal capabilities. However, there are some things to keep in mind.
    1- having a High Magic user on the field, wielding the Staff of Sorcery, gives you a total of +2 to all dispel attempts.
    2- always give your DMage the Silver Wand. Knowing 3 spells means that each round, he can cast all three and generate 3 free dice, rather than 2.
    3- Casting a Remains in Play spell, followed by Drain Magic by another caster, will raise the value of the RiP by 3, making it harder to dispel in your opponent's turn.

    I tend to defend an important mage by sticking him in a unit of 11 archers, and giving them the Banner of Arcane Protection, for +2 Magic Resistance. I've even kept multiple mages in this single unit, as anything too dangerous can quickly be scrolled, and any shooting coming their way will usually be soaked up by the archers. If they want to whittle the unit down with ranged weapons, they can feel free- by the time they start wounding mages, they've already wasted enough shots/turns for my other troops to be slashing their throats.
    Any units will work well with lots of magic. Personally, I use a cavalry army (likely not too valid in upcoming editions). I back them with lots of shooting (max RBTs if I can afford it) and then use this to pull the enemy to me, or soften him up before the hit.
    I've occasionally mounted my cheaper mages in Chariots- the chariot doesn't want to be in combat any longer than the mage does, and it gives him a decent bit of armor to protect him. Shooting coming his way is randomized, which can be a mixed blessing. They've been good delivery systems to get my fragile mages into a range where they can actually cast some damaging spells. Besides, it just looks cool to see a guy throwing fireballs from the back of a chariot!
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    Ooh, I like the 3rd strategy you give, Captain. I'd never thought of that. That is very clever.

    I can't give any advice that the captain gives, though my personal favorite place to put my mages is with my Phoenix Guard. I cast offensive spells as we march forward (the day I learned you could march and cast was a happy one) and cast buffs when I'm in melee. Lore of metal is pretty good with this strategy. High magic isn't bad.

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