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    New HE player looking for some veteran advice!

    Hey people, seeing as i'm a new HE player (Well when the Isle of Blood comes out) and I would like your help on arranging my list! I'm not sure what i'm gonna be doing though but will definetly be using the contents of the box. Some quick questions then, what's the Strengths and weaknesses of the HE army? Whats the best way to go with them as in ranged or melee focused?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome back to the light, my Druchii kin. Anyways, my veteran-senses were tingling, so I thought I'd pop over.

    The contents of the box are a little iffy in my opinion. I've never had much luck running nobles on griffons, although I haven't tried it since 8th came out. It doesn't play well to our strengths, and it seems like a small dragon. May as well drop an extra 30pts for a Sun Dragon and gain a wound, toughness, breath weapon, and a scaly skin save. The Swordmasters are great, everyone wants some- same goes for the Seaguard models. The Reavers depend on your playstyle. If you liked your Dark-Riders, you'll find that Reavers are a little less effective at range (just bows) but they still hit fairly hard in combat. Finally, the mage is a steal of course. The entire box is alright, but I wish I could've gotten more use out of the elf stuff.

    But enough about that.
    The weaknesses of the HighElves are few, but they hit us hard. Firstly, we're a small army. You're used to that with the Dark Elves, but the last time I checked, you pick up 1.5 spearmen for each of ours. We also don't have quite the shooting that you have. Our choices are longbows with S3, or RBTs (which are like yours but cost more and are 1-for-1). The biggest hit for us is that everything is T3, and almost everything is S3. That means that without armor, our guys are threatened by measly bows, which also just happened to get better with the volley rule. Our 5+ armor doesn't help. Even our elite infantry is just wearing heavy armor, and our core his LA&S.
    As a Dark Elf player, none of this should be too strange for you.

    Our strengths though lie in our ASF. HighElves have been FAQ'd that our Great Weapons still strike before anyone else, rather than initiative order. We have Hatred every round because of our ASF and I5 combined. Our spears can lay down a world of hurt, and our magic is nothing to be trifled with. We have access to two of the best offensive casters in the game: Teclis, and any mage with the Book of Hoeth. Both of these can cast with Irresistible Force on any double, but only miscast on double 6's. We also get a +1 to all of our dispel attempts as long as we use a High Elf mage. So that means that dispelling with a level 4 will give us a +5 to the attempt.

    For shooting balance, HE definitely want to take a close-combat approach. We have access to RBTs, and you'll want them, but we don't have S3 AP shooting, or rapid-fire, or any of the cool tricks that DE hide up their skirts. We won't generate many kills with our ranged weapons, and our archers are severely overpriced when you consider this. Our best bet is perhaps 1 unit of archers, and then a mixture of Spearmen and Seaguard on the ground, with 2-3 RBTs in support. And yes, we have the Elite Army rule, and can therefore take more than 3 of our choices.

    To expand on your Isle of Blood, I would suggest trading the Skaven for another box worth of elves. That will give you a decent core to start with, even if you just go with 2 mages, 17 SG, and your SMs. Adding on to that, I'd pick up more Spears (we want units of ~30), and a pair of RBTs. For small games you already have elite infantry, and as the games enlarge, look to expand those SMs and also pick up a solid regiment of 20 Phoenix Guard. Those guys are a great anvil for our army.
    The High Elf army works very well, and stayed relatively the same through the 8th edition changes. Almost any regiment from the book will work well together, assuming you have a solid core of infantry to work around. The units don't win fights on their own very often, but they will wipe the table if they support one another.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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