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    Staring an Escalation League- Where to start??

    Good afternoon all!

    I've selected my army of choice now for my upcoming escalation league: High Elves!

    I plan on making them into the Nagarynthe Province to replicate the pre-fall of the province to become Dark Elves. It'll be a different looking army and a bit dark, something I'll enjoy. I know that the cavalry has changed a bit in the 8th edition and I'll look forward to the ability to have great weapons re-roll to hit.

    I last played HE back in the 7th edition before giving the game a bit of a break for a year. Now I'm back.

    Here are the outlines for the escalation league:
    must have three other units besides lords and such.

    We start in October at 1,000
    Go to November at 1,500
    End in December at 2,000

    I need to carry the same units with me in the end that I start out with. Aside from that, standard rules apply as in the Warhammer rule book in regards to percentages and such. Hm, where to start, where to start...

    I'm not sure how to really begin. Any feedback would be great! I have all of the Elves from the new starter set. I've never done an escalation tourny before so I'm afraid of hamstringing myself early on.


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    You have to use the same units, do you have to use the same character all the time or can you change them?

    Core - I have found that using small multiple units of archers is working well for me.
    Special - Is the basis of the High Elf army. If you want a cav unit Dragon Princes hit the hardest. Reavers might be nice against war machines. I have been using Phoenix Guard and White Lions.

    Rare - I would say 1 Eagle to start with. The RBTs die very easy for the points. Some people like to take a lot of them.

    Good luck to you.

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    Could be tough considering you're only building up towards 2000pts. You're not going to fit a Lord in there for quite a while, and by the time you do, you'll be blocking off a lot of your points for a handful of characters. I would start off like this:

    Lords +250
    save these slots for now, to pick up a mage later

    Heroes- week 1 : +250
    Noble, BsB w/ Dragon Armor, Shield, Great Weapon
    @ 126
    Noble w/ Armor of Caledor, Great Weapon
    @ 118 (do not use if Alith Anar is present)

    Core- week 1 : 250+
    19 LSG w/ Shields, Standard Bearer
    @ 257pts

    Special- week 1 : +500
    9 White Lions w/ standard bearer
    @ 147
    5 Dragon Princes

    Rare- week 1: +250
    1 RBT
    @ xxx
    1 RBT
    @ xxx

    Army total: 999/1000

    This list should give you a pretty solid starting place. I'm assuming that you're allowed to re-kit your characters, and that you can add or subtract troops from regiments over the course of the games, as right now, your general could certainly do with some better wargear options, but you were tight on points.

    I also understand that you might not have White Lions just lying around the house. This could be swapped in for any of the other Elite Infantry choices (the beauty of having equal-pointed options) but White Lions would really be one of the best options right now. That would give you a Stubborn regiment with a decent save against shooting. If you can't run White Lions, go with 10 Swordmasters without a Standard Bearer, and drop the shield from your BSB for a total army cost of 1000/1000. Then put your General into your LSG regiment with your BSB, and run them 7 wide with 3 ranks.

    For week 2, you would add in another regiment of LSG (probably dropping them both to 15) and then picking up another regiment of Special Infantry- most likely starting in on Phoenix Guard to give a more solid, albeit less deadly, anvil for your lines.
    From there, you'd add to your LSG regiments for Week 3, bulk up your PGs, and add in Teclis or a powerful Lord of sorts.

    Best of luck to you- this format is going to make it very hard on you. Elves play very differently in smaller games than they do in larger ones, because of the character percentages. You won't have much access to magic early on, and in low point games like 1000pts, shooting will make a huge difference.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

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    i disagree with the above list. You will want to start out with a mage from the begining. Now in 8th edition, magic is huge in the beginning of these leagues. With only a 1000 pts out there most armies are going to be small. How winds of magic work and how the new spells are, one spell getting off can be game ending. Rolling 10 PD and having two spells at your hands is awesome. My friend is doing this league and he also is starting a HE army.

    His list has a lvl 2 mage with the silver wand.
    he has a unit of LSGs w/ full cmd (range and support)
    unit of SMs w/ full cmd (heavy hitters)
    RBT (range and creature killers)
    5 reavers with bows and spears (charging WMs / trying to slow a unit down by fleeing and regrouping / can try for that lucky march prevention by their failed leadership roll / getting that rear cahrge bonus of +2 whenever the SMs get into combat.) Very versatile

    i don't remember exact number so SMs and LSG but it equalled out exactly to 1K pts. I think it was 18 SM. Anyways the other good thing is that this list uses most of the IOB set as well.

    I would also take the Lore of life as well. with the silver wand allowing you 3 spells, you will get the spells you want. their are soo many good spells in the L of life that benefits use at these low point costs.

    well GL with what ever you do.

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