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    Warhammer Fantasy Armies Series - NEEDS YOUR HELP! :D

    Hi guys!
    I am currently working on a Youtube video series entitled: "Warhammer Fantasy Armies." Essentially, I want to go through and give a small snapshot of the army from all aspects of the hobby!

    If you could please leave some feedback detailing the following topics, it would be greatly appreciated!

    -Fluff and Feel
    -Play Style Summary
    -Advantages (gaming terms)
    -Disadvantages (gaming terms)

    Thankyou so much!


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    Well then, let me be the first to say:

    Fluff: When the Daemons made their First Incursion into the Warhammer world, the Pheonix King Aenarion fought against the Daemons along with other high elves. When fighting, he realized htat to win he would need to draw the Sword of Khaine, a forbidden weapon of unspeakable power. Of course, he drew the weapon and there for cursed himself and all of his descendants. But, him fighting the Daemons gave the mage Caledor enough time to make a vortex of waystones that drained the world of alot of magical power, thus extinguishing the Daemons. Thats some of our basics.

    Play Style: We are an elite infantry army, usually spending the minimum on core choices and maxing our specials. We have very hard hitting units like Sword Masters and Dragon Princes, and we are a faster army, with movement 5, initiative 5 and always strikes first.

    Advantages: Re-rolls to hit (higher/equal initive and ASF), High BS, Great magic and of course, Teclis.

    Diadvantages: We're toughness 3, and really dont have good armor saves, so that does make us vunerable to concentrated shooting.

    Aesthetics: I like our army book paint scheme, but we really do look good as long as the colors bright. The IoB set comes with some good models, along with osme terrible ones (cough, Griffon, cough). I like how our army looks over all.

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    I've been with the HighElves for a LONG time. They were my first fantasy army over 11 years ago. I'd be happy to help with HighElves, and any other army you need opinions on (I collected or help to collect, all of them)

    I would do Dark Elves immediately after High Elves, since their fluff plays so heavily upon the others. Something like:
    The High Elves are a magically gifted race, and one of the oldest in the Warhammer world. They live on the Atlantis-like isle of Ulthuan. Early in their history, Daemons erupted into reality and wrought havoc across the globe. The young tribes of elves rallied around a great warrior named Aenarion, who drew the sword of Khaine- the elven god of war. In doing so, he became the first Phoenix King of the Elves, but also cursed his lineage forever. He and the elven armies drove back the Daemons and created a ring of magical portals to banish them forever.
    -then for the Dark Elves-
    After the Elves had banished the Daemons, Aenarion died of his wounds, leaving the elven people without a leader. Many wanted to put his son Malekith on the throne, but many more feared the curse placed upon Aenarion's bloodline. Embittered by the refusal, and also turned by his mother Morathai- who still worshipped Chaos- Malekith led his army in rebellion. In the bloody civil war, Malekith severely damaged the magical vortex which had kept the Daemons at bay, allowing them access into the world. Defeated and driven from Ulthuan, he created several magical, floating islands called Black Arks, sinking vast tracts of Ulthuan beneath tidal waves, and escaped to settle in the lands of Nagarythe, where he continued the eternal war against his kin.

    That would pretty much sum up all of the major Dark Elf and High Elf fluff.

    The High Elves are an army based around very specialized, very elite warriors. To represent this, they are not limited to only having 3 duplicates of a Unit Type in the army. Best of all, each of these special warriors costs the same amount of points, making them easily interchangeable from game to game. The Elves are also very fast, with the highest average Movement and Initiative scores in the game. They even have a specialized Always Strike First rule, meaning that no matter what weapon he carries, and elf will always attack before any other opponent. Finally, the Elves boast some of the most versatile and devastating magic of all the armies, and boast the most powerful caster in the game- Teclis.

    All of this specialization makes the High Elves a very small army, and also comes with a price. In return for being very fast, they are also very fragile. All High Elves only have a Toughness of 3- from their Spearmen up through their most powerful Princes. This, combined with very thin armor throughout the army, makes them very susceptible to damage. Furthermore, most elves are only Strength 3, and none of them are stronger than Strength 4. So for all of their speed and skill in battle, they can't lay down much damage against tough or well armored enemies. This can be combated by solid tactics and lots of cooperation between each unit, but it can also make the elves less forgiving than other armies.

    Play Style-
    Elf armies focus many of their points on characters and Elite choices. They work best when fielded with a group coherency in mind, with a few large regiments of Spearmen, Seaguard, or Phoenix Guard working as anvils, and then a handful of smaller regiments to attack the flanks of the enemy once they're stuck in. Despite their lower strength, Elves are also a more aggressive army- they can't afford to spend much time being shot at by the enemy, so they need to use their speed to get into combat quickly. Altogther, the Elf armies tend to have a lot of synergy between units and characters. Elf characters are not meant to just wade into the thick of battle unaided, and few elf units can see off a determined enemy without help- so each regiment in the army is forced to rely on and support the others. Just like in real life battles.

    Aesthetics- The Elves are one of the few armies to boast Dragons as their "large model". They are also very clean and sleek looking. You will not find skulls anywhere on their armor or weapons, like you do on many of the other armies. Everything about them is very bright and almost uplifting. Painted in bright colors they can be absolutely striking on the table-top, but their ornate armor also lends itself well to a darker, more ancient feel if a darker or more muted palette is used.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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