Rogues Gallery - Who are we fighting and how do we beat them? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Rogues Gallery - Who are we fighting and how do we beat them?

    Hi. I'm new to Warhammer, so I don't really have much experience of the various different armies I might end up facing with my shiny new Elves. I was wondering if any of you veterans could give me some advice as to the general strengths and weaknesses of our enemies, and how best we can counter them.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Well, Notquitedave, honestly, I haven't been playing long enough to have my own formula for every army that is out there, but I do have some insight at least from some of the games that I have played so far.

    1: When fielding Dragon Princes, ALWAYS make sure you make a charge and do so to a unit that you can break in one CC round. (They suck at killing ANYTHING when not charging)
    2: Bring Repeater Bolt throwers and use them to kill expensive units like cavalry by using the single bolt at strength 6. Switch it up to the volley fire for infantry. (I field three RBT's)
    3: One of our greatest strengths is Magic. With our superior magic, we can thwart the enemy's magic phase. Bring the Annulian Crystal on one of your mages. I've successfully stopped all spells from my enemy in more than two entire battles (of course this involves a bit of luck as well).
    4: Our weakness is our points cost. Many enemies will have lower unit costs allowing for greater regiment sizes and more of them. Do not let units be overrun.
    5: Lastly, remember our forces may be the elite of Ulthuan, but we rely on our swiftness in combat, not our armor. Be sure to inflict large casualties on the first round of CC, otherwise the enemy will inflict a lot of wounds on you too. And don't forget, we're only S3 T3!

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