so, i'm writing my list ,but just cant decided what to get:

the tournament comps:

-no special characters
-no lords
-no more than 2 war machines
-only 1 ethreal nuit<br>-no more than 2 flyers
-3 chariots
-no more than 30 shooters(in.c cavalry war machines etc.)
-max 2 same shooter core
-max 1 same specials
-HE: max 2 same rares
-no unit may cost more than 325pts
-forests block line of sight like in 7th. ed

so here's my figures:

3 mages
2 nobles (1bsb)
1 elven steed noble
40 spearmen
about 20 archers
12 sword masters
8 white lions
lion chariot
tiranoc chariot
7 silver helms
5 shadows
5 reavers
2 rbt
(maybe 2 eagles)so would someone please make me a list of what to take