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    Tyrion and regeneration

    In previous editions, I used to run a fluffy Tyrion, Teclis, and Everqueen list, but since 8th came out, between my other fantasy armies and alot of 40k games, I don't think I have even used Tyrion once this edition. So I took a look at him again today for the first time in a while and have a question about his regen.

    Does his regeneration mean anything anymore. He has a 4+ ward and regen....Am I missing something. Stuff that negates regen, like flaming attacks, etc., don't hurt the ward save, so I am wondering what's up...

    Is regen not considered an actual "save". The only thing I can think of is something that says "no saves of any kind", and maybe regen isn't considered a save and so you get it then? That doesn't make a lick of sense, but I can't see any other reason why he would have regen at all this edition. Did they FAQ something about this because I haven't seen anything to explain how this would work in 8th.

    On a side note to GW... Bring back the Everqueen! She may not be an awesome character on the table, but what's a high elf army without the everqueen. I guess someone has to tidy up the tower while Tyrion is off cutting throats... Just kidding to any ladies who read this, lol.

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    The Regen is pretty worthless on Tyrion. The only time it will kick in is if something doesn't allow Wardsaves for some reason. Otherwise, he's going to have his choice between the 4+ ward, or the 4+ regen, but he'll never take both.

    And technically, the Everqueen is never cleaning up after Tyrion - they probably don't even live together. "Consort" is just a nice way of saying "F-buddy". The Elves (all of them, in general) have some strange mating styles. For example, both the Everqueen and the Wood Elf queen take consorts rather than marrying. The Phoenix King must be among those, in hopes that she has a daughter to carry on her line. So if we dig deep enough we come up with this little tidbit of hilarity:
    Aenarion is the first Phoenix King, and he was married to the Everqueen (Everqeen was originally the sole ruler of Ulthuan, until Aenarion came along).
    She gives birth to his children Yvraine (girl- future everqueen) and Morelion (boy) who are lost, blah blah blah, but return and continue the line of Aenarion down to Tyrion and Teclis
    Tyrion goes on to become consort to the current Everqueen... who would technically be his cousin (on some level). eww.

    Continuing on, Aenarion fathers Malekith by way of Morathi, the Dark Elf queen.
    So the Witch King, Malekith, is Tyrion and Teclis's half-uncle (again, on some level)
    And of course, we won't even get into the relationship implied between Morathi and Malekith in the Dark Elf book.

    For the Wood Elves, their queen Ariel is their embodiment of the Mother Goddess. Her first lover was Orion, who was reborn as Kurnous - an aspect of their Warrior/Hunter God, at the same time that Ariel became the embodiment of their Mother god. Each Winter, they sacrifice Kurnous on a pyre, and Ariel takes his ashes back to her home. Each Spring, an Elf male is elected 'King of the Wild Riders', covered in fresh flowers and sent into Ariel's home to be reborn (and subsequently sacrificed) as Kurnous.

    There's probably a reason that the Elves are dying out as a race. And I'm going to bet it has something to do with genetics...
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