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    Captains of Uluthan

    I got bored, so I made up some captains from the different areas of Ulthan (Caledor, Saphery, etc.) They are to go to the current captains (Korhil, Caradryan, and Alith Anar-I'm expecting a points drop for him). They are for use with my idea of the next army book (An army ready for the battlefield (My new army)). However, I have a couple changes to the existing characters 1st:

    1. Korhil should be S5- He is the strongest elf alive, and all the basic WL's are S4 after all. Also, I'd prefer an extra base attack rather than having Chayal count as a paired weapon.
    2. Caradryan will be ItP, like the rest of my PG. However, he will keep his Fear as well.
    3. Like I already said, Alith Anar should be much cheaper. I'm looking at 175 for him.

    Also, I'm looking for names, as I'm not that creative. Any ideas would be great!

    Tiranoc -225

    Noble on T Chariot with +1BS, chariot does D6+2 impact hits, Heavy Armor

    Spear of Tiranoc- +2S on charge, +1S other times
    Bow of the Charioteer- 30" 3+D3 S, D3 shots. If it's S5, it does D3 wounds. If it S6, it does D3 wounds and pierces ranks.

    Ellyrian-150 (Something the Hunter maybe?)

    Noble on horse with Ithilmar, light armor, Fast Cavalry +1BS

    Clever Preperation- Ellyrian Reavers automatically pass 'Feigned Flight' LD tests.
    Master Hunter- He has the Ambushers USR. In addition, all Ellyrian Reavers may pay 1pt/model and also have Ambushers USR.
    Hunting Spear- Spear, HKB against beasts, Monstrous Inf/Cav/beasts, ans Monsters
    Hunting Bow- 24" S7 Sniper D3 wounds

    Yvreese -125

    Noble, heavy armor, longbow

    Bird-Friend- All models in his unit (including him of course) count as having LoS t oanywhere on the board. in addition, all models in his unit may fire during a Volley Fire, rather than 1/2 in the back ranks as usual (as long as they are in range).
    Wave Blade- Halberd. All wounds caused by this sword give [name] an extra wound (up to a total of 6) on a 5+.
    Helm of Yvreese- +1 AS, 5++


    Noble with +1 WS, +1 LD, DPA, shield, Devastating Charge, Fear, mounted on a Drake

    Star Lance- +3S on the charge, Flaming Attacks, no armor saves allowed
    Thirst for Glory. Any unit of DP's or DR's he joins rerolls failed charges. It also rerolls failed to hit and to wound rolls as well.
    Drake Tamer- When in a unit of Drake Riders, the models in the 2nd ranks may attack as if they were in the front rank.

    Lothern (Aislinn) -195

    Noble, +1LD Heavy Armor, Shield

    Bow of the Sea Lord- S8 D3 wounds, pierces ranks, 30"
    Master of Discipline- when in a LSG unit, they count as being Stubborn
    Barrage- At the start of each turn, roll a D6. If it is equal to or less than the turn number, you get to use a barrage attack. Place the small template anywhere on the board in Aislinn's LoS. If then scatters D6". All models touched by the template take a S4 AP hit. If a 1 is rolled, use the large template instead of the small template.


    Noble Lvl2 Wizard

    White Sword- great weapon, no armor saves
    Wizard's Armor- Heavy Armor, 5++, MR3.

    What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas for any other areas?

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    I don't think this is needed with the Honours reinstated. You will have a hell of a time balancing the points for these guys,

    The Sniper rule on the hunter has to have a move or shoot caveat, that bow will murder every enemy mage insanely quick.

    The Caledor guy also makes Drake riders a bit broken, and I think one of the random bits of the Tiranoc should go, probably make it 1 shot rather than d3.

    As a whole though really creative and looks like you have put a lot of thought into this. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Cheers Allonairre

    WIP Thread

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    41 (x2)

    I agree that if we add honors back in it is kind of not needed.
    I could see why move or shoot would be needed for the sniper. Otherwise, that would be kind of broken.
    For the Caledor dude, maybe just the riders reroll failed to hits/wounds? His abilities were meant to be powerful- If you look at his basic stuff, that's only 165pts, +WS, +LD, and the slightly improved lance. Add 5+5+10 for these and he comes out at 185. That means his two abilites cost 65points between them. That seems kind of fair to me. You?

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