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    Dragon Prince unit with two Characters

    Im thinking about running a unit of 6 Dragon princes with a mounted Mage and mounted Prince w/ great weapon(4X2).

    The Configuration would be Standard, Musician, Champ, and Prince in the front rank and 3 Dragon Princes and Mage in the second rank with the mage off the flank.

    The mage will take Lore of Beasts, choosing the signature spell to buff the unit. Since its an augment spell and I will be casting it on the unit he doesn't need line of sight and range is of no importance.

    The Prince is loaded out with the helm that makes successful to wounds re-roll, a 5+ ward, and potion of toughness. If the spell goes off and he drinks the potion he will have strength 6 toughness 7. With the helm (re-roll to wound on toughness 7) and 5+ ward he will probably do some damage and survive till the next round.

    The Dragon Princes will roll 10 WS5, S5 on the charge. Which is not too shaby.

    The idea is to have a small foot print, keep the mage out of combat so he can cast his spell, and maximize damage and durability with the small front. Plus in my experience people see 8 mounted guys and think they can handle it, but this unit has a good chance of taking most units on. I might also consider them for Flanking.
    Thoughts C&C appreciated.

    "Surround yourself with the greatest warriors at your command, or cower in the deepest and darkest hole you can find. It matters not. I shall take your head for the Great Khan and for the Emperor!" Kor'sarro Khan White Scars 3rd Compnay

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    I have drawn up a list with a similar unit, using 8 Silverhelms a mage and Noble, not tested it yet as a few are new models, Im looking forward to seeing how it does against the Black Orcs who destroyed it when it was only 5 Silverhelms lol
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