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Thread: Book of Hoeth

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    Book of Hoeth

    I was wondering how many out there use this item. I am trying to come up with a magic heavy infantry list for tournament use and the Book of Hoeth for the archmage (2k list, lord choice) seems like it could be great, but its also the only thing he gets if he takes it. He would be my high magic user with 2 other lvl 2 mages ( probably heavens and life). Has anyone had good luck with this item or any enormous drawbacks to using it?

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    I've been thinking of a thing that just might work. I'm no expert on HE, but nevertheless:

    One Archmage and three Magi, L4 and L2 respectively.

    Archmage L4 - kit as you wish
    Mage L2 - Kit as you wish
    Mage L2 - Seer with Fortune is Fickle. (Casts this and goes somewhere safe)
    Mage L2 - High Mage with Staff of Sorcery (Hope for blasty spells, such as Fury and Flames)

    The idea of this is to use Fortune is Fickle's reverse Book Of Hoeth effect (especially on Dispels) to cripple the enemy magic, adding Drain Magic to taste. He will have trouble getting through a +2 to Dispel, especially if one of his wizards suffers from FiF, and some other from Drain Magic. You will cleave through his magic defence like a hot knife through butter due to FiF's any-double-is-misdispel effect, plus the Book of Hoeth's Irresistible Forces if you get it.

    Try it, tell me if it works.
    Use Light, Beasts, Metal instead of Heavens
    NecroLords: Use at least one Death Mage
    Brets: Use Peasants&Damsels
    Skaven: Don't use Skryre SAD

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