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Thread: HE Infantry

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    HE Infantry

    busy writing an army list, and had afew thoughts

    now, over the next few months i'll mostly be fighting TK and skaven, so i though that maybe its time to get me some of those shiny new archers (me only having the old school ones that had armour) since i wound have to worry about lack or strength or armour penetration, archers might almost be justified (though i still dont plan to take loads)

    i have begun to really hate calvery (maybe because i have been bouncing them of my friends dwarfs alot recently or maybe its just a reaction to all these all calvery HE lists. so dont plan to use much.

    anyway back to the relivent stuff, INFANTRY, picking which units to take.

    Phoenix Guard: fluff wise, very intresting, but not exactly the rare choice required to take care of the scary stuff out there. which would you chose spearmens 3 Sr 3 attacks or PG 1 Sr 4 attack, also loads of points for what thay are. I never really though fear was that effective (but i might be misunderstanding the fear rules)
    if i was to take i would take in small block of 10 to flank units engaged with my spearmen

    Spearmen: the greatest core infantry choice ever. 3 Sr 3 attacks, and the cheepest choice available to the elf general i have close to 100 models, i just cant get enough of them, but when using them its very important to let them get charged, i cant tell you how many times i have charged somone only to break and run, where as if charged, you can throw 10/15 attacks back at them and hopefully have them bounce of and run down
    take in: blocks of 20 with full comand (first among equals:give one unit the war banner)

    sword masters: even in small groups these guys have always been absolute killing machines. not that thay should ever be taken in small groups, because provided you opponent has skimmed over a HE book he will throw alot of stuff at them to try and break them before thay get a chance to get into combat.
    take in: blocks with 6 across the frount rank, (more if your opponent uses wide blocks aswell) you want can win combat by making loads of kills. also you should be winning combat dramaticley so a musician isent really nessary, then again the littleguy is only afew points,

    white lions: i dont know what to make of these guys, Sr 6 is very impressave espercally for an elf, but do you really want to strike last, and waste that elf Iniciative (Sp?) obviousley great against shooty armys, i ahve never really tryed them but i have recently got a unit that i intend to try out soon (once i get the comand i'll be set to go)

    so what was the point of this post,... to proclame my love of spearmen, to offer my sugestions about how to use the little guys. also to see if anyone out there has had any luck using PG, and to ask for advice on White lions and how to use them.

    once its writen i'll put up my new Infantry based army list for you to pick appart

    high elves 1/1/0 (since i sign on to LO, but countless battles before that)

    building a new IG army as we speek its about 500pts sofar

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    Well, Archers and Glade Guard do not come off as badly as it seems for the HE player. Basically, it comes down to this:

    10 Archers are overpriced by 20pts
    1 Spellsinger is overpriced by probably 20pts as well.

    So, thus 1 Mage & 10 Archers= 1 Spellsinger & 10 Glade Guard.

    Curse of Arrow Attraction exists as well, to make Archers better.

    But, nevertheless, I'd advise you to not to forget the Woodsmen rule of the White Lions, nor that they are Stubborn if with the General (just hope you get a Prince or a Commander as General and you're set)

    And, unless you have a Wood Elf ally, avoid Phoenix Guard like the plague.

    (The reason I said that is that one could sneak a harmless-seeming PG unit on the enemy, and then the Wood Elf player casts Twilight Host on the PG, making them cause Terror. Quite a nasty surprise, seeing that PG are might usually not be considered to be that big a threat...)
    Use Light, Beasts, Metal instead of Heavens
    NecroLords: Use at least one Death Mage
    Brets: Use Peasants&Damsels
    Skaven: Don't use Skryre SAD

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