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Thread: HE Commander

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    HE Commander

    hello, i fight dwarves and empire occasionaly at the same time I would like to know if my high elf commander would be better off with the Reaver Bow or the Sword Master honor. any advice is apreciated.

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    HE Commander possibilities

    After a mega-game weekend of 500 point team games in training for the GW pairs tournament, I found that one of the better choices I made for a Hero that could apply to any size force might look like this:

    Commander 'A'

    (70 points) with Dragon Armour (6 points, 5+ Save) & Spear (4 points, +1S on the charge whilst mounted), riding a Chariot for mobility (+1 Save), carrying the Reaver Bow (40 points) and Enchanted Shield (10 points: 5+ Save). He acts as a fast moving assassin for use against individual characters and artillery. He has a 2+ Save, gets three S5 attacks on the charge and the Reaver Bow allows three BS6 S5 shots for a total of 130 points. This also makes him legal for 500 point Border Patrol games where he easily makes up for a frankly dirt-poor unit of 10 Archers who get run down on turn 2 because they couldn't cause a break test on the unit of five Empire Knights (the same points cost) that just charged them.

    Commander 'B'

    Another alternative to all the hype about HE Mages casting quality spells (but lasting three turns when a unit of Fast cav half his cost cuts him down from 8" away) is to make a Commander a magic user, making him better than a Mage the same cost but able to wear armour and wield some quality weaponry instead of worrying about getting killed on turn 2. This is where the Radiant Gem of Hoeth comes in. Armed with Dragon Armour, Shield, Spear and Longbow, stick him on a horse or in a chariot and he becomes mobile, and you get a Level 1 Mage who hits back and survives when he gets jumped. He also works out at a tidy 130 points, If you throw him on a Great Eagle, he becomes a tough nut to kill, possibly diverting artillery and other Flyers away from the battle.

    It's a bit fluffy I know but this lot was learned from a series of losses against cheap characters like an Empire Captain on a Pegasus, whilst the Empire Wizards dispelled everything I could throw. Once I refitted my Hero, he came back to knock off scout units and weaker Heroes and to cause a menace to fast moving hard-hitting units threatening my weaker Core choices like Archers.

    Against harder enemies like Dwarves, if they get to charge you first then a unit of Swordmasters might not last the initial round of combat. You spend 160 points on a SM Hero and he might cause a couple of casualties but if his unit runs then he goes as well as the 400 point unit you just lost. Stick Hero 'B' in a chariot and he becomes virtually unkillable, able to avoid any attempt to knock him off whilst threatening the slow-moving Melee units. Commander 'A' stays out of missile range and hoses missile units down, hopefully breaking them and catching them as they run, leaving your Dragon Princes to mop up the Melee blocks.

    Of course this is just from my personal experience but if you don't try something new then you never learn from your mistakes.
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    Eagle, lance, heavy armour, enchanted shield, reaver bow.

    All you need to go hunting and be good enough to support your units from the rear with a few extra kills.

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