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Thread: Lord Choice

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    Lord Choice

    Alright, Im in trouble. My original concept of my high elf army was that my army was lead by a cabal of mages, and that the highest ranking mage should be mounted on a mighty dragon when in combat. However, archmages cannot be mounted on dragons, and I will not let the control of such a powerful creature be at the hands of a non-mage ignorant commander or prince, and I have therefor decided to make the leader of my cabal a prince loremaster, equipped like this:

    - Dragon
    - Loremaster
    - Lore of ?
    - Channeller
    - Guardian Phoenix
    - Foe Bane

    Total price: 545

    I do however see several problems with this set up. First, this character is martial-minded, and doesent wear armor = he will be awefully short lived if I dont do something to protect him. He will also quite likely end up in close combat, as his dragon is very efficint in that role, but I fear that he will lack punch. Perhaps there is a certain lore that will cover my needs for protection and combat power? Perhaps the lore of life? Please help me out..

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    just dont use it so many things could go wrong.

    A level 1 wizard wont really get anything off and you have to roll fora random spell which might turn out to be useless in most cases.

    The Dragon? CR (a.k.a over run by what looked like a good meal), Large target (a.k.a death by smallarms), challenge (that dragon cant stand but to tooled up chars no matter what you think), and my favorite the great cannon.

    Foe bane? U kidding me right? So many better weapons out there, this is mora a hero weapon.
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