Coming back to WH after 8-9 years out of it. Had HE back in the day, would replace half the models though, since I like the look of the newer (like 8 years old) SH, DP, spears and bolt throwers.

Anyway, I'm looking at basing my army around the basic infantry unit and cav/chariot for whoever I choose. DE will have the same sort of set up for the whole army. Points say 5000-6000.


120 spears in 6 units of 20, set in 4x5. Same for DE warriors.

I might skip HE archers, maybe 2 units of 10. DE will have 3-4 units of 10 rxb.

Now that the core infantry and battle line is set up.


10 reavers for the HE, in 2 units of 5. 4 units of 5 dark riders for DE.

40 SHs for HE, 2 units of 5 and 3 units of 10. DE will have 30 CoK, 2 units of 5 and 2 of 10.

HE will also have 10 DP.


HE get 4 RBT. DE will get a couple more since they're low on rare choices.

Elite infantry:

HE get 12 each of PG, WL and SM. DE get 12 each of WE, BG and Ex. I think you can have multiple units of WE and Ex??? I might already have a prob with the number of special choices in DE anyway, so I might have to drop one (or a few ugg).


HE has 2 units of 5 SW, DE have 2 units of 5 shades.

HE will have 4 eagles, I guess DE will need some harpies. They look weak...

DE would get the cauldron (more infantry troops??).

Ok, large solid battleline to pin the enemy down. Plenty of supporting, flanking and hard hitting troops. Skirmishers/fast cav to do deal with lone mages, war machines etc etc. Good firepower from the RBT (probally don't need archers, and maybe sub those rxb for spears as DE will probally have 6 rbt if allowed (isn't there a restriction to number of core infantry or something??).

I like this balanced army. I also like that it focuses on the core troops, and keeps specials and rare as just that.

My orc army would be allow something like 200 'boyz and 200 big'uns. Don't wanna buy 30 boars so I'd have something silly like 70-80 wolf riders. It'd also be high in chariots, probally around 10. Throw in some spear chukkas, some night goblin units with netters or fanatics or something. Maybe some black orcs.

Chaos would be ~120 warriors in 6 units of 20. 4 chariots, 20 horsemen (4 units of 5), 40 knights in 3 units of 10, and 2 units of 5. Throw in some furies, fleshhounds, maybe a few units of beastmen and maybe some monsters.

Any opinions on using so many core infantry??

Not sure which way I'll go. It's part cost (most of my HE army would be plastic), part looks (DE look awesome), part # models (ie chaos attractive, orcs 500 to paint aggghh). Chaos won't actually field that many less men than the elves, since I'm keeping the knights and warriors pretty basic. I might equip them differently just to get variation though. I'm not even sure I'm going to play this army. I will probally get HE anyway, as I've already got some of the troops (quite a few if I was happy with the older models).

Bit of rambling, real shame this site doesn't have a fantasy general page so I could get comments on the other armies (feel free),

I'd really appreciate comments on any of it...

BTW, didn't place this in the "list" section because I think it's more about the general strategy, and the fact I haven't included any characters, magic, banners etc