To help players, I have compiled a list of important High Elf links that any Elven general, new or old, should consider checking out:

Getting Started - Looking to start High Elves? Learn about them here!

War of the Beard - This is a link to the rules you will need to reenact this bloody battle between the High Elves and the Dwarves.

Special Characters - This is a link to rules and fluff on five High Elf special characters, including Korhil, Eltharion, Eltharion & Stormwing, Alarielle, and the Handmaidens.

Reference Sheet - This is a link to the High Elves reference sheet which includes commonly used stats from the High Elf army book.

High Elves Errata - This is a link to a downloadable pdf of corrections for the High Elf army book.

Treasures of the Old Ones - All the Albion campaign items including Armour of the Gods