I was thinking about using this Prince in my 2000 pt army.

Armour of Protection, Enchanted Shield, Sacred Incense, Sword of Might, Griffon
410 pts

The idea tactically behind this prince is to harrass opponents flanks, the Sacred Incense to soften the effects behind a trigger happy bolt thrower crew, Sword of Might to increase his strength to make it easier to cleave through those enemy ranks, and the Armour of Protection and Enchanted Shield to create a good armour save (3+) with his 4+ Ward Save he can take after his armour save fails, making him pretty survivable. The Griffon is a good way to cause terror and to add those extra attacks. I decided not to put him on a Dragon to save some points and in my experience is like hanging a sign around his neck saying "shoot me". Putting him on a griffon is (even if only slightly) less conspicuous than putting him on a dragon, and with only slightly less strong.

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