Hey guys, I got a game vs TKs on Sunday. Here's my proposed list:

Archmage: lvl 4, Ring of Fury, Silver Wand
Mage: Lvl 2, Jewel of Dusk, Seer
Commander: Barded Steed, Heavy Armor, Lance, Shield, Helm of Fortune, Blessed Tomb
10 Archers
18 Spearmen with Lion Standard and musician
16 Spearmen
5 Silver Helms
5 Dragon Princes with Banner of Sorcery
2 Chariots
5 Shadow Warriors
2 Eagles

The player is fairly fond of taking an actual king, and so I am not *too* worried about magic. In the past he's had a king, and 2 priests. Ideally I can use lore of Life magic, and eagles/shadow warriors to hunt the liches down asap.

My lvl 2 will probably take lore of metal, with commandment of brass, and transmutation of lead. Ideally I can halt his chariots from getting the charge, and take armor off his bone giants.

The commander is there to keep morale up, and use his survivability to go up against characters or the giant. I know this fellow is a fan of tomb scorpions, so I plan to hide the archmage completely in terrain somewhere, and have the lvl 2 hiding in/between the spearelves.

Now in an ideal list I'd have more character support, and slightly less core, but the store rules require a list to have core the highest % of the army. All advice is welcomed, Thanks.

PS: I've always wanted to try the staff of sorcery out against a TK opponent, getting the most out of our dispell dice. If anyone has a good way to use this and still have a decent magic phase, let me know. Much thanks.