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Thread: combo ground

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    combo ground


    i was looking through the forum and searched it but it didn't gave any results.
    this topic will be a place where you can post combo's of characters (archmages and commanders alike) and how to use them (eg with what sort of unit or magic lore and tactics)

    you don't have to post the points cost (we all have the armybook i presume so we could check it if want it)

    well "lead by example" so:

    Prince with swordmaster, Pure of heart, armour of the Gods, guarding phoenix
    can kill chariots, wound T 5 on 2+ and has some nice defence. stick him with swordmasters and you have a fluffy and deadly unit on the table.

    lv2. Ring of corin and jewel of dusk
    give him high magic and you will have a guy which your oppont will hate. he will want to stop the ring but then will have to face some nice magic (maybe vaul again)

    hope that it will be a place of fun and learning and that you guys like the idea


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    Favorite combo is:
    Prince - armor of the gods - blade of leaping gold

    7 str 5 attacks.

    Then have one level 2 mage with lore of shadow. You don't need seer and all you do is take the default spell (steed of shadows) and you have high elf version of the JSOD. And since he acts independent he is very hard to hit with shooting.

    Prince - radiant gem of hoeth - seer - this will allow you to pick the flaming sword of rhuin. This will give him 5 attacks at STR 7 that will hit on 2's

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