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Thread: High Elf....ish

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    High Elf....ish

    So I wanted to make Greco-Roman themed army. I've (unofficially) chosen to use the High Elf list to represent them. The increased stat line fits with the experience that roman/greek soldiers had from years of training. The spearmen fit the Phalanx style of fighting, with archers and bolt throwers for support. Also the charriots and cavalry finishes the typical greek army. To add a bit of flare I'm using a unit of DoW mauraders to represent galdiators. So the fluff below i found for a small principality in Tilea. Some people have been telling me to go straight up DoW or Empire to represent the army bu ti disagree. Given the fluff below... what do you guys think? Am I ruining or disgracing Hiigh elf players everywhere?

    The Tormented Principality of Tobaro*

    The city that would become known as Tobaro was once a fortress for the High Elves. The elves vacated the fortress after the War of the Beard and returned to there native land of Ulthuan. Human fishermen that were native to this area came to inhabit the abandoned fortress. The fortress over the centuries became a city and about 1 AS (After Sigmar) Tobaro became a City State.

    During the Arabian Crusades the ports of Tobaro was use as a landing port for the Bretonnians and other Tilean Mercenaries, since it was a quick jaunt over the Abasko Mountains to Estalia. Sultan Jaffar did not like the fact the Estalians reinforcements were coming from Tobaro. In the year 1448, the Sultan sent a fleet of Corsairs to destroy the city. The walls of the outer city never wavered and the Arabians were turned back to their dhows. This proved to be a major victory for the allied forces.

    In the year 1563, Skaven had broken though the catacombs the Elves had built under the fortress that had become Tobaro. They quickly over whelmed the defenders. The Prince of Tobaro, Meldo Marcelli, escaped the city with half of his forces and most of his ships and Man-O-Wars. He and the rest of his army landed in Remas, were he had used his vast wealth hire a vast mercenary army, including the elite contingent of Remas.

    He returned to Tobaro with out delay with his army and High Elf reinforcements. They stormed the city, the foul rat-men put up little resistance, and were pushed back in to the catacombs where they were finally defeated. Now many of the catacomb tunnels were walled up and a garrison of mercenaries is permanently posted beneath the city.

    Tobaro remained a principality, but only just. Less than three centuries after the heroic recapture of the city by Meldo Marcelli, his family had held on to the principality in one way or another, and was finally split in to quarrelling factions. There were several eligible candidates who claimed the title of prince. While they were planning each other's downfall, a prophecy began to circulate around town. This prophecy stated that the next Prince of Tobaro would meet a terrible end. The rival factions agreed to play it safe and they elected a pig to preside on the council of citizens as Prince, at least until the prophecy came to pass. Nothing happened! Years passed and the pig wore the hat and gold chain of the office of Prince. Remarkably, Tobaro was peaceful during the rein of Piggolo I, the name that the people have given to the pig. The would-be contenders for the princedom began to worry and one even plotted to kill Piggolo I. Then it was pointed out that if any one had 'assassinated' the pig, they would in fact be committing treason and would be executed himself! Piggolo I lived until old age, until he, while inspecting the guard, fell off the battlements into the sea.

    At this time only one contender rival was still alive, and he assumed the throne without opposition. Tobaro has remained a princedom, despite several attempts to make it a republic.

    to see the map go here. (Tobaro is just south of Skavenblight) http://www.fys.ku.dk/~blicher/Tilea.jpg

    *courtesy of WikiPedia

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    You've made the exact same post in the FB Fluff section, and i'm afraid it's one or the other.

    Seeing as it looks a very fluffy question, FB Fluff it is




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