Hi all. I just reasently started playing warhammer again and i'm creating and painting an undead army for a 1000 point campain. I paint relativly fast and with a consistent good quality, and so a few of my friends pay me in some ways to paint for them.

A buddy of mine asked if i would paint 40 goblins for him, i could then get what remained of an old high elves army. I was a bag full of junk and everything was broken but i thought, what the hell, he needs a hand.

I started looking over the bits and found that i was able to save quite a lot from the bag and i got the following.

Elf warrior on a horse
Dragon with a prince

27 spearmen
28 archers
8 silverhelms

2 bolt trowers

My question to youall is, can i make an army of this, and how would you build an army around 1000 points with this at your disposal. And would is suck?