well me and my friend are continually fighting high elves (me) and dark elves (him) but he only just started them so only has 1000 points
so heres my list
blade of darting steel (+1 to hit always strikes first) because high elf commander stats are the same as druchi
dragon armour shield e.steed and i.baring 138

h.armour enchanted shield blade of sea gold (no armour saves)
15 silver helm
h.armour& shields full command banner of ellyrion

13 archers (i am willing to change these but dark elves are only T3)
repeter bolt thrower
1000 points
i will put the mounted commander with the silver helm and the commander on foot in the chariot

he usally has 10 RXB 20 spear elves 5 dark rider 1 cold one chariot which he puts his noble in 1 bolt thrower he also somtimes uses a soccere

i am willing for any advice and changes ive been playing for nearly 5 years but i am new to forums and dont usaly tend to win