ok, i have this unassembled Tau XV8 suit i bought from the FLGS where i am. looks like a nice little figure, but i think the legs and arms are a little too stubby, and the lack of articulation in them is kinda annoying.

so figured i'll try to lengthen the limbs a tad. the plan for the legs is to get some of the extra plastic end caps for SFB's Zocchi federation transport pods, glue then together to make this tubular looking calf section, and replace the lower legs below the knee joint with them. that would add a few more mm's onto the model's legs, allow me to give it poses that don't involve the leg sticking straight out, and would look a bit more even dimension wise (long thighs, short calfs? this thing would be waddling if built normally...) a little texture bits to cover up the nature of the parts and i should be fine.

the arms i'm still trying to figure out. i figure i can cut the lower arm off the limb, add a small extension to it (would end up with a kinda simian extended forearm look), and glue it back onto the elbow into a better pose. not sure what i can use as the extension.

anyone else do something like this?