I have over 3000 points in my Hordes of Chaos Army but almost nothing is painted yet.
I've primed everything black, does anyone recommend a website with pictures of different color schemes? I like playing with all the different marks so I think I'll try to paint them as undivided as I can but without looking too boring. I want to avoid commiting to a certain marked color scheme therefore it doesn't looks stupid if i'm playing as a khorne army and all my units are blue or something.
I'm mostly using Marauders, Knights, and few warriors, even tho warriors look the coolest painted. Obviously my beastherd will be brownish, and my daemonettes will look similar to those on GW website.
I've painted my furies a red scheme with black wings, and my chariot is painted.
Things left to paint:
50 Marauders
24 Warriors
15/20 Knights
Heroes (Lord + 2 Sorcerors)