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Thread: LM Conversion

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    LM Conversion

    I have some pretty cool ideas for conversions. I'm thinking of taking a slann mage and buying the Kroak Sun Mask bit to make living Kroak. He would be like 5000 points though cause he would kick major tushie. I'm also thinking of getting Kroq-Gar and impaling something on his spear of coolness.

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    Hey mate, welcome to Librarium Online, its good to have someone so enthusiastic about conversions on the site

    The conversions you have in mind sound rather good. Have you posted them up here so people can give you some advice on how to go about doing them or are you going to explain your methods so others may emulate your ideas?

    When posting on the forum it is often best to have a set idea about why you're posting. For example you could be asking a question: "these are my ideas, do you think they are good/how would I go about them", giving advice "this is what I did and here is how i did it" or helping someone with a problem "these are my thoughts on the matter you brought up." Its always good to be clear about what you are asking about when typing a post so that you get the responses you are looking for.

    The conversions you have in mind do sound cool. I'm particularly interested in the Kroak idea, please tell us more about it mate


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