i have seen a photo of this thing. and it sparked a few new ideas i want to try out.
for who don't know the model, it's a charriot pulled by 2 lions and it's the lions i have interest in.

I'm currently devising the best way to make a really themed army of tzeench, where a lot of models of not all are really converted.

my list is a beast of chaos, hordes of chaos mix, and made themed, not optimized.

for instance i want to make chaos warriors combining parts of a gor and warrior, giving them a gor's head and maybe legs, but the armor of a warrior.

or make my own centigors, from glade rider steeds and gors or marauder horsemen, again by putting the torso onto the steedlike a centaur or on an other animal body. or chaos knights by putting the aforementioned gor headed warriors onto the steeds, creating a knightgor centaur.

with the new lions, i was thinking what can i do with them.

If someone can give me estimated dimensions of them, and of a ogre.

i believe the dimension of the neck of the lion is big enough to fit an ogre on it in a centaur configuration, but i don't own an ogre, so i'm asking here.
if someone can help me please with good estimates?

what i need is the estimated hight of the lion to its shoulder and the diameter of his neck and the lenght of the ogre body from his waist to his head and the diameter of his waist.

the problem i have a bit is that the horses are a bit large in comparison with the 'human' bodies