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    Another Necron Conversion

    Well as you all know (well not everyone just the people that read the rules development section) I am making a Spartan Army Book for WHFB (IDEAS ARE WELCOME) and I am making a Spartan God from the Deceiver. So far I have modeled his right arm to make it look like he's throwing a spear and used some green stuff to bulk up his bicep. I kept the other arm the same (where the shield will be) and used an Eldar Dire Avenger Exarch head (with some minor shaving and conversions) for his head...I'll post pictures later!!!!!

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    Spartan Army Book.

    A friend of mine is using Empire and DoW rules to make a spartan army.

    He uses Swordmen as Helots with "Slingers" as archers.

    For the actual Spartans he uses DoW dwarves rules for his "Spartan Heavy Infantry"

    Another thing to consider is that pikemen are a great version of the Hoplite. Maybe a WS increase and the ability to use heavy armour and shield would be enough.

    Something like a swordsmen but with WS 5 and heavy armour, shield and pike. For around 10-12pts? Maybe a leadership 9 as well.
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