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Thread: Bases

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    I am not a very good painter. I have two 1000 point armies (Tau and Space Marines) painted with a base coat and a maximum of two coats of paint on top and no highlights. They are also not based. I am planning on starting a new army (Empire) and I want to use it as a way to improve my painting. The first thing I want to work on are my bases. To that end, I have a question.

    Can anyone tell me how the bases in the link below were done?

    I know there is some sand/gravel and static grass involved. I was hoping to learn what colors were most likely used, in what order, and anything else anyone wants to share.


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    I would say they were probably created thus (or if not exactly thus, then you will get a very similar result by doing this):
    • Glue sand/gravel (GW does a pot that has a mixture of sand and small stones) down to each base, before priming. To do this, paint the base with 50/50 White Glue (PVA) and water, then dip it into the container of sand.
    • When the glue is dryish, seal the sand with another coat of PVA/water, but mix it about 30/70 this time.
    • When that is dry, prime as normal (I'm assuming you're priming black).
    • Heavily drybrush all your bases Scorched Brown.
    • Drybrush Graveyard Earth.
    • Lightly drybrush Bleached Bone.
    • Paint the rest of the model normally.
    • Put little dabs of superglue down where you want your static grass to be.
    • Scatter static grass over the glue, shake off excess, then get most of the grass pointing up by gently blowing up from underneath.
    • Finally, paint the rim of the base in your preffered brown (I use scorched brown for mine).

    That should do ya =)

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