Xander's Chaos Dwarfs - The Painted Portion - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Xander's Chaos Dwarfs - The Painted Portion


    Max of 700px wide please. - KU

    So here is the start of my completely painted stuff. I have been slow in getting things done this summer with my job and everything else. I have a bit of time set aside now to hopefully get some more things done. As evidence I have spent tonight taking some pictures and prepping the images in Photoshop.

    Like I have said before, my basing scheme was chosen to match the GW standard so as to legitimize the look and feel of my army with the current edition of Warhammer. A while back you may remember I mentioned that I was working on my own gaming board, the pics I took where on this board. The lighting isn't great in that room, so the images are darker than my normal fare.

    Lord on Great Taurus:

    I am still not happy with this rider. I may make a new one to mount on the back part instead of the neck. The paint job is decent, however. Most of you have seen this guy before and there are more pictures elsewhere.

    Chaos Dwarf Warriors:

    These guys are more or less done, but not exactly finished. They need some more coats on their bases, and the red needs a highlight. Additionally I need to fix up the banner and do something nice with it.

    Earthshaker Cannon:

    Made using my Siegeshaker Conversion Kit I used to distribute, this model, I like. Again, there are more pictures of this machine posted elsewhere.

    Army Shots:

    Looking good so far. Falling in line with my vision for my army.

    Gaming Table:

    Not bad for my first crack at a decent board. Like I said, the terrain is made to match the current Warhammer standard. The gaming board is a 4'x4' piece of particle board. Using regular white glue, watered down a bit, I coated the table in beach sand. This took several applications, as I did it a section at a time, each time shaking off the excess onto newspaper on the floor. Once done, I applied some Elmer's Spray Glue to the surface, to lock in the sand a bit. When that was nice and dry, I painted the board black with cheap dollar store acrylic paint. Took a couple bucks worth. Next I coated it in a dark brown, then dry brushed a lighter brown, then another even lighter brown. You can see the paints I used in the right on the pictures. Using the spray glue, I applied some train-shop variety grass in patches. I also used GW's static grass in various places to give the grass a more varied look. Applying spray glue over the grass also darkened the colour, so I purposely added some more dimension to the grass. All in all, it came out pretty well. I still need to paint the edge in a solid colour.

    Whew. Finally uploaded some pictures of the Warriors. Sorry for the low-light. Comments welcome!


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    Think Chaos Dwarfs suck? Think again.

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