Hi, here is a conversion i did of Malus Darkblade where i converted him to Anointed of Slaanesh on Barded Chaos Steed with lance - also can be Lord of Slaanesh.

Basically to make this I shaved off malus' face and also shaved off the helmet at his side and pinned the helmet to his face, rebuilt it and his hair w/ GS, converted the Barded steed to stand upright, converted the lance/halberd from some DE bits (standard pole and spear head) and Voila - anointed!

~Sybaris Slaay

0h, btw, i love converting and just figured out how to post images so you will be seeing some of my stuff - the painted ones i have to have my wife re-shoot because they looked out of focus and overexposed from flash - also you can seemy converted WIP of keeper of secrets in the fantasy rules section. Bye for now