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Thread: Wood Elf Heroes

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    Wood Elf Heroes

    Here is one of my spellsingers

    Here is my noble on great stag

    Here is one of my converted Dryads (from daemonettes)

    And here are all 3 of them.

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    I'm saving space, and commenting on all of your paintjobs in just this one thread.
    As far as the painting goes, good blending for the most part, you have some patchy bits, but it's above average.
    But what the hell are you doing with those colors? Work on the color choice, they don't go together at all. Sure, you want the model to stand out, look fancy, and pop, and that's fine. Just don't make it pop my eyeballs at the same time. You have random splotches of bright colors, too many of them. Examples: on the Sorceress, you have the bright cyan colored back of her cape, and then orange curly thing by her foot. On the lord on the stag, there are the bright orange flowers on his staff, and the lime green inside of his cloak. On the wierd tree-babe, she has lots of bright gems on her. On the chaos models, the red armor accents are too strong. Here's why.

    When you have a bright spot, or a spot with a different color, it stands out. It's going to call out to the viewer, and their eyes will go right to it. You need to make this a key, detailed part of the model, like a face, a weapon, or a baner. These things have, or can have lots of detail. That's always a good thing, because it looks like you have the ability to paint detail. By saving the bright colors for just one spot, your whole model's colors will just work better. Here's an example of what the technique does for your painting. Did you notice while reading this post, that the previous paragraph had a word in the color red? It stood out didn't it... well this one had a bunh of words in green. They don't stand out as much. You know why? There are more of them, and they are small words... the red word is big. So, that's kind of what it does, and that's my advice to you.
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