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    Fire Warrior Equivilent to Vespid.

    Hi, I'm trying to avoid those awful vespid models, at the same time sticking to a non-alien Tau force.

    What is a good jetpack to convert firewarriors into jump infantry?
    I was thinking one half of a crisis suit's jetpack, but Im not sure if that would be a nice scale (dont have he models).

    It wouldn't be hard to cut off one half, and it would be nice and tau-y. They would need a bit of work to make them symmetrical. And I suppose I'm getting them for $3 USD per, so I guess its not that bad.

    Any ideas on the neutron blasters?
    The pulse carbine would make a fine base for this weapon, I plan on just cutting of the tips and replacing them with something else. The vespid unfortunately are all cast with their guns, so I can't do an easy switch like that. Any ideas for that, or should I just scratchbuild the tips?

    Thanks for all the help.

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    Check this out for ideas:
    Near the bottom, under "Hunting Further," this guy describes what he's doing to replace the Kroot and Vespids in his army, because he wants pure Tau. He's made Tau Martial Artists to replace Kroot and Jetpack Tau for the Vespids. It looks to me like he used the older XV-15 Stealth Suit jetpack on a Fire Warrior and then just remodeled a Carbine with some extra bitz. Hope this helps inspire you!
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    Hey you've had my idea. I have those stupid bugs. My fluff background was that the Tau were testing out a newer jump pack system. After witnessing Eldar warp spiders they too sought a new means of quick jump warfare. The packs they use would be an ion charged booster that goes off as powerful bursts. The ion system also powered their new XV02 suits and weaponry.

    Now this would explain their jump infantry, and you could explain choosing between shooting and fleeting. The excess energy created by jumping could be realeased through another random burst jump, or by concentrating it and shooting.

    Now for the jump packs I could never get past the design phase. I was thinking of taking the shoulderpads off of the firewarriors, then slapping it on their backs with an exhaust sticking out. You could also buy a bunch of the old XV15 stealth suits and use those. Just switch the burst cannon to have 1 barrel and you are golden.

    Hahaha non-alien Tau. Hilarious choice of words
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