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I am constructing a unit of 9 Khorne Berserkers with Champion as a Retinue for my Chaos Lord. Here's the basic design, pre-paint. When he dries this evening, I'll begin color.
The key points for the model will be:
  • Bilious Green Armour
  • Shining Gold Trim (maybe)
  • Left Shoulder Pad (blank) painted Brass in allegiance with my Alpha Legion
  • Skull Heads for every member of the unit, made from Berserker helmet, with wings trimmed off
Lunar Battlefield: textured with sand, Green Stuff rocks and boulders added.
  • Codex Gray
  • Rotting Flesh
  • Skull White

Tada! ;Y Will post colored images ASAP. Any thoughts thus far for the first Skull Bro?