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    Galrauch Possibilities

    Ive just unearthed a galrauch model (if youve read my other posts you will notice ive been rooting about my cupboard tonight) and i was wondering what i could use him as. My armies (atm) are:

    Chaos (All marks except Slaanesh, 40k)
    Vampire Counts

    Any suggestions?

    Edit: Changed armies to make for easier reading =)

    Taken your comments in, i think i will go for a greater daemon, as it will look cool, and i will be able to use him as a chaos/zombie dragon because of my colour scheme =P

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    Originally Posted by Archnomad
    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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    I assume you mean how you can paint him to fit in with your current armies. I'm not sure which Chaos you're talking about, WHFB or 40K. In 40K you can probably say that he is a greater Daemon. The current Daemons are all the same now.

    You could use him in WHFB for some bloke to ride on. I think VC is Vampire counts. The Chaos dragon could be painted up as a Zombie dragon. Basically a Chaos dragon the Vampires killed and resurected as a Zombie dragon. The exposed internal organs and general worn look of the Chaos dragon will make painting it to look rotten fairly easy. I considered doing Nurgle in WHFB and I thought about using the Chaos dragon as it would easily adapt to being all gross and decayed if painted properly.

    Other than painting it to fit in with your current models you could try to paint it as a one off that doesn't have to fit in with any of your armies. Doing that kind of thing can be fun as it lets you use a colour scheme you like and aren't using and you don't need to hurry as none of your armies are waiting for the huge monster to come and help.

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