Has any one got any links to any pictures of chaos / renegade Ultramarines?
I would like to start a chaos space marine army as my next project and I have come up
with what I think would be a interesting colour scheme for the Ultramarines “that is not so plain Jane”.
I have two options-
1) I go with my first thought and do a of chaos / renegade Ultramarines force
using a mix of space marine and chaos marine bits with a clear indication on the
renegades origins.
2) Or I can do an alternative Ultramarines paint scheme, one that is clearly very radical
& exciting but also maintains the classic image of the loyal Ultramarines.

To be honest im very keen on my first idea, so I would be very interested in anyone
who has done chaos / renegade Ultramarines and has pictures. Any really good help will be rep'ed !