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    Bretonnians Conversions: Need advice

    Hello LO. Currently I am working on several projects,s ome for people. But one for myself. And I find myself at a loss. I have only recently gotten into Fantasy at all, and thus my Knowledge of the Model line is not as categoric as it is with 40k. So I have several questions to ask, and points to pose. Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully respond in advance. :-D

    1) Bretonnian Knights on Foot:

    Money is not such an issue for me here,as this piece is for myself and not ona commissioned budget, but I like to stay...reasonable lol. I'm wondering what might be a good source of On Foot Armored Legs. I have so far comeup with these ideas, let me know any other good sources please:

    -Empire Great Swords
    -Ricco's Republican Guard
    -Empire General Boxed Set (VERY static though)

    I have considered mayhaps Dark Elf or High Elf Warrior legs for one or two for more of a Tabard/Templar look. But I am not sure of the scale between the races, if anyone could comment or offer up an even match or not I'd appreciate it. I believe, though I am not sure,that the Empire State Troop Box has A set of armored Legs for the Champion. Can anyone tell me if it is just one, or two sets that come in the box?

    2) Female Armored Torso's

    Is the Dark Elf Warrior Set pretty much the only way to get these? Or might High Elf Warriors have Female's as Well? And Female Plastic Heads. Wood Elf? I don't know lol.

    3) Dead Horse

    Any Model line or model kit with this item in it, I would appreciate being pointed towards.

    4) General's Horse:

    For My Bret army I want o convert the General. I am wondering, what would be more Striking? Either Archaon's horse, (Which is used for ALOT Of horse conversions I know) Or Valten, THe Exalted of Sigmar's Horse?

    If I use Valtens, would it be more striking, since his barding is armor and scale, to Green stuff it over and imprint the standard Bretonnian Double shiled field? Or To Paint the Double shield filed and backgrounds ontot he scale of the Barding? Opinions are greatly appreciated as this is a $20.00 Horse here lol.

    5) Enemies

    The BRets will be fighting. It is to be a Father/Baron His Wife/Damsel and a few Female Warriors of her guard. His 5 Sons (Paladins and BS, and a few Squire's Defendng a Familiy Shrine. I've alread researched Heraldry to tie it all in to the same Family/Clan Line. But I want to entwine it with not just Real World symbolism, but WH Fluff as well. I lean towards Orcs or Beastmen. One, because I can get them esay and cheap, and two because the range of theri lines gives me Big guys, Small Guys, and Monsters to play with. Question I pose, is which is more...Evoking of Bretonnia?

    Thank you :-D

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    Well I think I can answer 4. In the h.e rulebook (not the new one) there is an entirely plastic army including a bsb on a big ole horse. The horse looks awesome and I think (I dont know uch about horse models mind) that it's a pegasus body without the wings and h.e head. It looks like it has h.e barding though so I'm not sure. Ok fine I was no use, unless you want to use a unicorn.

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