hey guys, i just wanted to see what you thought of my chaos champion that im gona be entering into another contest. i didnt have a camera with me, so i just took a picture of it with photo booth

with the computer camera, it sorta flipped the mini, so the shield is in his left hand, and axe in his right hand. hes also facing the other way...lol

heres mine:

and heres the GW version:http://us.games-workshop.com/games/w...d_champion.htm

so basically i added the banner, the axe arm, and the shield from the slaneesh champion, though i filed off the symbol. also i left a space on the base b/c im going to add a swampish type thing on it =p

also, how do you recommend i paint the armor? i was thinking either black w/ red borders (like the GW archaeon) or maybe bone-ish color armor? thanks

EDIT: ill try and get a better pic up later today

once again, sorry for the strange picture!