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    Ork/Grot Warboss

    Thanks to all of ein's Ork threads, I've been inspired to make a special character. Either a normal Warboss with some special accouterments, or a Grot (I have yet to fully work out the fluff for him, but I thought it'd make for an interesting conversion/storyline, hence why it's on the table). My questions are thus;

    1. Which is easier, Ork or Grot?
    2. Is a Grot Warboss fluffy by even the craziest stretch of the mind? (If He can outmanuever everyone in duels or whatever it is Orks have to determine who's the leader, he keeps his title as Warboss, after all)
    3. Which would make for a more interesting conversion?
    4. From the answer to #3, should I make him a CC or Ranged specialist?
    5. From the answers to #s 3 and 4, what modelling ideas do you have?

    Free beer to all who respond =P

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    A 'grot warboss' is apt for a themed army of the same nature. I've seen rebel grot armies that proxy grots as boyz, and it's a great army theme.

    There's a couple examples of this over at The-Waaagh.com. Here's one I'm fond of:

    I doubt you'd be able to explain a grot warboss in a regular ork army unless you had some interesting fluff to it - a warboss whose brain was transplanted, for example. Regular grots lack that sort of leadership.

    Orks are naturally more inclined to close combat, so I'd say whatever your choice you gear it up that way. Whatever you choose, a power klaw is essential - nothing says 'in charge' more than a pair of giant mechanized pincers.

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    It could work.
    But yeah, he'd need to be shooty (although the reduced BS would be a shame), as Gretchin are weedy.

    He'd need to have a big robotic body, because Gretchin are weedy, and he'd need a big gun, and maybe give him a , but model it as a big klaw, to represent how much they suck.

    So equipment wise.
    Twin-linked shoota.
    'eavy armour.
    Ammo runt.

    But a shooty Warboss is dumb, they're too monstrous to waste such power not fighting with.

    I'd say Big mek.

    Give him a burna and shokk attack gun.
    And 'eavy armour.

    That'd be a shooty Gretchin Big mek with a robotic body thing.
    He'd also be carrying around a massive device, so perhaps give him a small tank like thing?

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