Ok so after being totally jived up about making a nurgle guard army, I saw a certain gentleman's AWESOME nurgle army on the warseer forums... Suffice to say I didn't feel so original or as enthused anymore.

However I woudl still like to do a 'evil' guard army. I would like to steer clear of nurgle now though and I always thought that Khorne armies were a bit bland and generic as that god almost seems the "default" of the chaos world.

So I was thinking of perhaps Tzeencth or Slaneesh. BUT how the heck do you represent this with doctorines and unit structure and conversions?

psych powers aren't really available to any important degree in the guard as our psykers well... suck (in my opinion) . I cannot really think of anything to make the guard look or feel like they are a instrument of change besides perhaps loading them up with plasma guns as some kind of warp gun or something. Maybe they could use cameoline to represent the swirling warp that flows over them or their constantly changing bodies? Which is another issue... how does a tzeentch guard army look? I suppose mutations and carapace hides and feathers or other strange things?

Ok... I don't want an S&M army running around with lasguns. Thats just asking for trouble. Seriously though, this is hard to implement as well. I suppose I could get some erotic female models and turn them into stormies or veterans. Maybe I can utilize some rough riders on strange mounts like some sleek warhammer fantasy elven horse painted strangely? Perhaps Catachans would be best as the cult of pleasure and earthly desires and the like seem to be shirtless a lot?

any suggestions or ideas for a 'evil' NON chaos army are welcome too