I was thinking of converting up some thing cool to represent Mengils Manflayers in my lizardmen army. I was thinking of using skinks, convert one of the chiefs and use some plastic skinks for the musician and standard and the rest of the crew.

Basically I was thinking of using some dark elf warrior crossbows, and maybe getting some great weapons, was thinking of using some large sickle type weapons to use as there great weapons, but I need to find a way to convert them or if there are any models out there that have large sickles. Also to keep in the theme of Mengils I would drape the skinks in flesh, this would account for the better toughness on them that elves have over them, and also since it's heavy the reduction in movement, But I'm not sure how to create flesh, does anyone have any idea's they could lend me on how to make it with green stuff.

Thanks in advance guys.