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    Cadian Shocktroopers -> Grenadier ST

    So I've been tossing around the idea of converting cadians into ST for use in my grenadier army for a while now, and since I've found myself bored with all these other armies I've finished, I figured I'd finally start my

    to convert them I needed to add some extra armored plates to them so I came up with the idea of using Plasticard and GS (to fill the gap inbetween the leg and the plasticard) to make thigh armor on regular cadians

    Then (to make them look even more like ST) I added I added backpacks (for a power supply) and attached their lasguns to them with a length of guitar wire (which in future conversions I may leave off as this is hard to bend and harder yet to cut without the right tools)

    I only have a concept of the legs and backpack on me at the moment, but when I get the chance I'll take a pic of a finished ST and see what you guys think

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    I think that what you are trying to do could work out well. I am not that well versed with the 'Imperial guard speak', but I think that 'ST' means Storm trooper. From what I know of them they are elite Guardsmen with heavier armour, like 40K Paratroopers. I think that adding more armour to them sounds like a good idea. You should consider if the armour will look a little blank. Plasticard has no features on it. You should think about making it detailed in some way.

    The details don't have to be armour ridges or anything, scratches would work. Make some scratches and abrasions on the armour. If the armour gets some sort of detailing then when it is painted it will look like part of the model and not just some plasticard you glued on. You could also think of adding a few other features to your models to make them more, Stormtroopish.

    I would consider adding things like more kill markings and various trophies. This could help to make them look like they are Guardsmen who were made into Stormtroopers for being better at fighting that the other men. You could also try to give them a more rough appearance. They will be easier for an opponent to identify as Stormtroopers if they have more differences.

    An example is that withy my Tyranids I do plenty of conversions. I use these to show how different models are different Tyranid species. You could do the same thing. To make them more rough try to paint them with lots of stubble and weathered looking armour. Things such as obvious marks where something tried to kill them but failed will help too, gashes in thier armour and so on. Or these could be marks that killed the prievious owner of the armour.:party2:

    Hope this helps out. Show us some more pics of what you are planning and how it is progressing.

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