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    Three Completely Unrelated Questions...

    This may seem a little strange, as I’m about to ask three questions which are not only unrelated, but also deal with completely different game systems. Any assistance/comments/tips you can give me regarding all/some of them would be completely appreciated. Keep in mind that my modelling skills are reasonable (pinning, head/arm/weapon etc. swaps, basic greenstuff work etc.) but not sufficient to make a completely new model. For those of you who are interested/short of time, question 1 relates to The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, question 2 related to Warhammer 40,000 and question 3 relates to Warhammer Fantasy.

    1. I'm currently working on a Moria army for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. To cut a long story short, I've never actually completed an army before, so this one is an attempt to finish one to a reasonable (not my best possible job, but not too bad) standard so I know I can actually get one done (then I can move on to bigger things). So far it is going very well, but my list calls for two Goblin Captains (preferably one with sword and shield and one with bow). I don't want to use Games Workshop's official models, as, in my opinion, they look far too much like they are dancing (don't believe me? See for yourself here). I have a large number of rather disposable goblin warriors, plus a couple of metal goblins with bows. My question is, can anyone think of a conversion or two I could do to represent/differentiate my captains with the models I have?

    2. My second question is a bit stranger. My brother's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I'm interested in converting him a looted tank for his Orks (more for display and looks than to actually game with - he'll probably use it as a battlewagon or something under the new rules). I'm thinking of going all out, so there probably won't be too much left to resemble the vehicle it represents. I was wandering around the shops yesterday and stumbled on the Tamiya models, in particular the tanks. Having been into modelling for a while, I've seen them in their multitudes before, but now was the first time I really looked at them seriously. Most of them seem reasonable to very good in terms of quality, and people are currently selling them at dirt-cheap prices over here in Australia. My question (as if you haven't guessed), is whether one of these would provide a suitable base to work from. They are at a 1:35 scale, which if I'm not mistaken is significantly larger than the Warhamer 40,00 scale (1:60 or something). Of course, I would only be using the core tank, then adding heaps of Orky 'bitz' as detail. I just thought that if I could pull it off paying $20AU for the tank would beat the pants off paying $65AU for the Games Workshop equivalent. So, does anyone think this would/wouldn't work and why? Alternatively, does anyone have any tips about this sort of thing.

    3. Finally (sorry about the length of this post), I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Todd McFarlane's 'toys' (I'm guessing a significant number). Ignoring the vast swathes of downright bizarre/disgusting/disturbing products, there are a couple that interest me - in particular the dragons. (Follow this link for the Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi section of the site, the various series of dragons can be accessed from the various links further down the page). Now, they appear quite detailed and, in many cases, pretty impressive (at least in my mind). I've been toying (pun not intended) with the idea of mounting my Wood Elf Lord on a dragon for some time, and was wondering whether any of McFarlane's would do the trick (I'm not a fan at all of Games Workshop's Fantasy dragons). Of course I would repaint the beastie, superglue all the joints and cover them with greenstuff. Once again, they have the advantage of being significantly cheaper than Games Workshops, and the range is significantly more impressive. Unfortunately, I'm not sure about scale and don’t know whether this sort of representation would be ‘legal’ (or whether I have to use Games Workshop’s models). So, does anyone have any comments/concerns/suggestions for taking this route?

    For those of you still with me, thanks for taking the time to read through all that. I apologise for the length of the posts, and the lack of paragraph breaks (the numbering system didn’t like them). Any comments you have would be really appreciated, and I look forward to any suggestions you can give me.


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    1: Grab a goblin with a bow and one with a sword. cut sword of the sword one and bow of the bow one and swap the weapons. Get a shield from somewhere and glue it onto the arm that is reaching for a arrow. That should give you a nice looking captain. Just keep them simple and they will look fine.

    2: Yes, I have tried this and it is very possible, it depends how well you pull it off. But just strip the it down and orkify it as much as you can. Glyphs, grots and orks all over it will help.

    3: You should be able to use it, but it would not be legal at tournaments. It really depends on the scale of the dragon. For tournies you need GW models or at least 51% GW models.

    Hope that helps
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