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Thread: Decals queries

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    Decals queries

    Hey guys,

    Was looking at painting some free hand runes and it's not going well in terms of getting the same runes onto different aspect warriors in the same scale. So i thought i'd try some decals or transfers as they were called when i was a lad.

    I've never actually used them before and thought it best to see if you guys had any hints, tips, or guidance?

    Cheers Chaps

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    This is the method that I use for applying decals (works very well for GW decals)

    1. Paint a layer of gloss varnish over the area where the decal will go on the model.
    2. Soak and apply transfer/decal
    3. Brush on Micro-sol to soften the decal and help it conform. Wait a minute or 2.
    3. I use a soft sponge to wick away the liquid from the decal and start smoothing it down in place.
    4. brush on Micro-set to help set the decal in place. Again wait a minute or 2 and gently wick away any liquid.
    5. When dry I go over any raised areas on the decal and scrap them away. This is really important on curved surfaces like Space marine shoulder pads - where it is nigh impossible to get a clean flat decal. If any of the design scrapes away simply paint it back in.
    6. When completely dry and touched up I apply a second coat of gloss varnish over the decal to get rid of any silvering.
    7. When finished with the model I spray dullcote over it to kill the shine of the gloss.

    If you want to do any weathering - do so before applying the second coat of gloss. I got the Micro-sol and Micro-set at a hobby store. It was recommended to me by their model train guy. I am sure there are other brands of decal softeners out there but these have worked great for me. keep in mind that GW decals are a bit thicker than most other brands so the softener is really good to have.

    Hope this helps.



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    While I haven't tried this, I'm told that white vinegar is a good homemade "softening agent." I've been told to mix it 50/50 with the water you're using to soak the decal in.

    But then, I haven't tried this, so don't shoot the messenger if it turns out wrong!
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